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Trilogy 50
by Carl Palmer

The fourth fine art release honoring 50 years of Emerson, Lake & Palmer has arrived! Trilogy 50 is a highly limited work by drummer Carl Palmer that fondly commemorates the release of the landmark album Trilogy. Released in July of 1972, Trilogy 50 is a very special work to Palmer. For the creation of this piece, Palmer wanted to include the imagery of his two bandmates within the final visual.

The trio's portrait featured in the work has been fused with Palmer's rhythmic expressionism. Like a painter using brushes with oils, Palmer is using drumsticks that light, crafting rhythms that translate into visual art. The result is a unique fusion that is almost electric.

In total there are just 50 available pieces of Trilogy 50. All are numbered and individually signed by Carl Palmer. All works ship with Certificates of Authenticity.

  • Measures 24" x 24" on canvas
  • Only 50 pieces exist
  • All numbered and signed by Carl Palmer
  • Ships with Certificate of Authenticity

  • "In the artwork, I managed to keep the profiles of the band which is the only time it ever happened. We had a few pictures as time went by, but nothing quite like that. So it was important to keep that imagery there and involve color with it where I could without distorting the figures too much, and I think I managed to capture that. It was such a great period…that Trilogy period. We just wanted to make a great record, and that is what we did. It's always been one of my favorites. I'm very happy with it."


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