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Tarkus 50
by Carl Palmer

The second fine art release to honor 50 years of ELP is here! Focused on the release of the band's landmark recording Tarkus, which was released in June of 1971, this new work by Carl Palmer focuses on the album's iconic armadillo tank. Palmer recreates his own version of the tank in this work through captured rhythm.

Measuring 24" x 18" on canvas, there are just 50 in the edition of "Tarkus 50." All are numbered and individually signed by Carl Palmer. Each canvas ships with a Certificate of Authenticity by SceneFour.

  • Measures 24" x 18" on canvas
  • Only 50 pieces exist
  • All numbered and signed by Carl Palmer
  • Ships with Certificate of Authenticity

  • "I have always looked for a way to create art with light. Many of you know that I started work with light back in 1973 in my home city of Birmingham. So it has always been very important to me as an art form. Find the right people to work with is always a problem in all walks of life. SceneFour have been the partners I have always wanted and I enjoy every moment of working with them."


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