Legendary Rock Drummer Carl Palmer to Release Signature Fine Art Collection: Twist of the Wrist

A legendary drummer.
A new medium in visual art.
The most limited release imaginable.

Carl Palmer, one of rock’s iconic figures, and a founding member of both Emerson Lake & Palmer and ASIA, is scheduled to release his first signature collection of fine art, created completely from rhythm.

Twist of the Wrist by Carl Palmer is a series of signed and numbered prints on canvas featuring stunning visual images constructed from drum performance. Working with acclaimed L.A. art team SceneFour, the artwork featured within combine motion, color, and lighting into some of the most compelling fine art visuals ever created. This very limited art collection is available at www.CarlPalmerArt.com starting on February 1, 2013. They will also be available in selected art galleries and at Carl Palmer shows during his extensive 2013 tour.

“I have been extremely interested in modern art since my earliest days in ELP, but I never envisioned myself as someone who would create it,” says Palmer. “SceneFour has enabled me to combine the two things I am most passionate about: fine art and music.”

“I think viewers will be amazed when they see Carl’s rhythmic approach and symmetric motion put to canvas. It captures a new dimension, not of this world,” SceneFour Art Director Ravi Dosaj states.

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